Congresswoman Kay Granger – No politics?!

Congresswoman Kay Granger – No politics?!

TeeCast: Ideas for the Open-Minded
TeeCast: Ideas for the Open-Minded
Congresswoman Kay Granger - No politics?!

In typical TeeCast fashion, we avoid politicism with a politician in this interesting visit. We discuss inequality and keys to success for women in business, racial disparity in prisons, drugs in poor neighborhoods, and more. Understanding Kay Granger, the person, is key as we tackle important topics and ideas from a non-partisan perspective.

TeeCast explores unique people and perspectives through productive conversation to promote ideas and learn about ourselves and others sans politicism.
It is for open-minded people who may not agree with one another, but are interested in listening and learning from new perspectives.
We hear from musicians, prisoners, entrepreneurs, writers, professors, among others. We hit important topics such as race relations, leadership, business, violence, prison reform, law enforcement, children of incarcerated parents, and more… Put your ears on.

Music: “Black & Gold” – Tee Cad


Host: Tegan Broadwater

Guest Contacts:
Congresswoman Kay Granger

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