Michael Levine: Fmr. Deep Undercover Agent & Best-Selling Author

Michael Levine: Fmr. Deep Undercover Agent & Best-Selling Author

TeeCast: Ideas for the Open-Minded
TeeCast: Ideas for the Open-Minded
Michael Levine: Fmr. Deep Undercover Agent & Best-Selling Author

Often referred to as the top deep undercover agent of our time. Michael Levine burrowed deep inside some of the largest criminal organizations and experienced firsthand, the insane political manipulations that make us question who is really in charge. He exposed the CIA’s manipulation of the “War on Drugs” and its horrific impact on low-income American communities, and it placed him on hit lists, got him investigated, but also landed him spots on “60 Minutes”, “Good Morning America”, “Inside Edition”, and a slew of other popular talk shows at the time.

He is a NY Times Best-Selling author and was even kind enough to endorse my own undercover book, Life in the Fishbowl”. His perspectives, experiences, and opinions are extraordinary, so you be the judge. But as our TeeCast mantra insists, keep your mind open to new ideas. We don’t need to agree – just listen.
TeeCast explores unique people and perspectives through productive conversation to promote ideas and learn about ourselves and others sans politicism.

It is for open-minded people who may not agree with one another, but are interested in listening and learning from new perspectives.
We hear from musicians, prisoners, entrepreneurs, writers, professors, among others. We hit important topics such as race relations, leadership, business, violence, prison reform, law enforcement, children of incarcerated parents, and more… Put your ears on.


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HOST: Tegan Broadwater

Tegan’s Book:
LIFE IN THE FISHBOWL: The harrowing true story of an undercover cop who took down 51 of the nation’s most notorious Crips and his cultural awakening amidst a poor, gang-infested neighborhood

GUEST: Michael Levine

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